Corporate Accounting Service

Corporate accounting services are designed for the small to medium size enterprise with a turnover between $2 - $15 million requiring a management accountant.

In general, the enterprise will be in the need for a more sophisticated level of accounting service perhaps for shareholder reports and board meetings. While requiring this level of support, the enterprise may not have the work or financial resources for a full-time management accountant. Upon engagement, the journey begins with a complete assessment of the entity’s business strategy and systems of operation. How the entity goes about its business is a critical part of the assessment.

It is difficult to provide appropriate accounting services to suit if the understanding of the entity’s objectives doesn’t materialise. The review of accounting practices will occur with key stakeholders and personnel. All options and courses of action will be agreed to by all engaged parties. 

As a part of this process, KPIs will be implemented to gauge the progress of the mandate. Regular reporting and consultation on the progress of the mandate is an integral part of the process.

Trust and confidence in the process to achieve the desired results of the mandate is a critical outcome that will be a key measure of success.